Thinking of stepping on an inversion table for a first time to give it a try? If you’re intimidated about turning upside down, fear not! Inverting with a Teeter is fun and easy – here are a few tricks to make you look like you’ve been doing it for years:

    1. Preset your angle of inversion
      To ensure you don’t invert to an angle that makes you uncomfortable, make sure the tether strap is attached before you jump on. 20 degrees is a good start. We recommend working up to an angle of 60 degrees over time (parallel with the rear legs of the inversion table) to get the most decompressive benefits.


    1. Check your shoes
      Are you wearing lace-up shoes? If not, consider waiting to invert another day. The lace-up shoes will make your inversion experience more comfortable, and will help ensure you are inverting securely as well.


    1. Tuck in your shirt
      The first thing that will happen when you invert is that your shirt will likely ride up above your stomach. To prevent this, simply tuck in your shirt!


    1. Take everything out of your pockets
      Gravity is gravity. Once inverted, everything in your pockets is bound to empty out and land on the floor. Any coins, phones, wallets and candy will be up for grabs once gravity takes hold – so keep a small basket near your Teeter to hold the contents of your pockets prior to inverting.


    1. Check the settings
      On a Teeter Hang Ups, there are three settings to determine the rate of rotation – A, B and C. For newer inverters, C and B are the best options, as the rate of rotation will be less responsive to shifts in weight, providing an opportunity to adapt to controlling the rotation and ease you in to the inversion experience. Be sure to refer to the Owner’s Manual for more information on these settings.


Check back for the next 5 tips on how to look like a veteran inverter!