3720429788_dca3a12ca3_zThis article in the New York Times discusses some of the latest findings in fitness. While we all like to remain on the cutting edge, these recent studies seem to indicate what we’ve known all along. What are some of the most prevalent fitness news items from 2012?

Small Bits of Activity Add Up

No need to train for a marathon or sign up for an Iron Man. Phew! Studies have shown that the best way to increase your lifespan and stay healthy is to exercise in several short spurts multiple times a week. Getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week can help you to live longer and decrease your waistline.

Don’t Overdo It

Working out too much can actually be a detriment to your health. While your body must be challenged and worked out – extreme endurance sports and high-impact activities can actually harm your body and have not been shown to increase your lifespan.

TV and Computers Slow You Down

Overall, our culture is becoming more sedentary and not only is the lack of activity preventing us from moving, but the mere act of sitting for long periods of time is harmful to our health. A large chilling study on Western adults showed that every hour of TV we watch after the age of 25 decreases our life span by about 21.8 minutes!


How Does This Apply to Inversion?

We are pleased to say that the latest round up of fitness findings for 2012 falls in line with how we promote the practice of inversion. How?

1. As little as 5 minutes a day of inversion can give you remarkable benefits to improving the health of your spine as well as your flexibility.EP560_Pinwheel

2. Inversion is not a “no pain, no gain” activity. If you feel uncomfortable, then stop. Don’t feel like you must invert fully if it doesn’t feel right or hang for longer than feels comfortable. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself to do more than is comfortable.

3. Combine inversion with what you are already doing. If you watch TV at the end of the day to relax, spend a portion of that time inverting while you watch television. You can increase your time on your Teeter by practicing oscillation as you invert.