The long days and warm nights of summer are finally here (except in the Northwest, where Teeter corporate offices are located… send us some sun please!). That means more time outside, more time grilling with friends and family, and maybe even time off for a road-trip or extended vacation. These summer pastimes are not without maladies of their own, however. Here are some tips to avoid these common Summer annoyances and mistakes:

    • Sunburn

In addition to slathering on the sunblock and avoiding prolonged exposure to sun, scientists have found that taking regular supplements of Vitamins E and C can help decrease your sensitivity to the sun and avoid getting sunburns. Since these vitamins help build up antioxidants in your body, and prolonged exposure to the sun creates “oxidative damage to skin cells.” (Huffington Post)


    • Bug Bites

Prevent mosquito bites naturally by considering a few natural alternatives to DEET sprays and other harmful chemicals. Did you know that mosquitoes can only fly 8 m.p.h? Consider keeping a fan on at your outdoor gatherings. A light breeze to us can feel like a heavy wind to a mosquito and will deter him from entering your space. Keep your skin oiled. Mosquitoes do not like to have “greasy wings” (Nature Skills), and an oily skin may be a natural deterrent. Even better, if the oil is scented with cedar, conifer, or citrus smells – these scents are all unappealing to the mosquito. Pay special attention to the high-risk zones like wrists, ankles, necks, shins and forearms. Where your blood vessels are naturally closest to the surface of your skin is where you have the greatest chance of being bitten.

    • BBQ Overload

Many of us are guilty of overindulging at a neighborhood BBQ and suffering from indigestion. To prevent that awful feeling, try slowing down when you eat, minimize your alcohol intake alongside your food and try filling up on fruits and vegetables first before hitting the ribs and brats. Still suffering from indigestion? Try sipping peppermint or chamomile tea to naturally sooth your stomach. A few bites of candied ginger may also help calm a rumbly tummy. If you experience frequent heart burn or indigestion, think about introducing some probiotics into your diet. Yogurt with active cultures can help you break down foods and balance the acids in your stomach.

Overall, summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors and be with friends and family. Being mindful of your surroundings and taking simple precautions is a sure way to ensure you have a fun and relaxing summer!