While most people seek out Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables to battle back pain, there are several other notable benefits that motivate people to use a Teeter at home or in the office. Here are 5 benefits from using a Teeter, other than back pain relief, that you may not have considered:

  • Loosen Up

There is more to being flexible than simply loosening up your muscles. Safely stretching muscles and loading ligaments, while keeping joints well-lubricated and healthy, is vital to maintaining or improving your flexibility. Inverting and oscillating on a Teeter, even at a mild angles, allows you to gain the benefits of a good stretch for your muscles and ligaments while decompressing the joints – which brings vital fluids and nutrients into the joints. Just 3 to 5 minutes on a Teeter can improve your flexibility, offering greater range of motion, more comfort during activities and improved endurance.


  • Catch Some Z’s

Said simply, there are 3 phases of sleep: falling asleep, sleeping, and waking up! Users who invert on a Teeter for only a few minutes before bed report that they feel more relaxed, fall asleep faster and sleep better. That covers the first two phases of sleep, but what about the 3rd? Many users who elect to invert first thing in the morning report they are more energized, alert and motivated to start their day, thanks to the full body stretch and an oxygen wash to the brain that rivals a morning dose of caffeine!

  • Get Your Blood Flowing

Did you know that you can trigger actual physiological responses within your circulatory system by simply changing your body position relative to gravity? Your body has mechanisms that activate these responses – not only when you move from a sitting to standing position, but also when you invert! The body compensates for the changing pressures by contracting and dilating blood vessels to regulate blood flow and by lowering the heart rate. You can think of inversion as one way to stimulate and exercise these automated systems that control your circulation.

  • Recover Quickly

Whether you ski, garden, hunt, run or play other sports, inversion is a easy and gentle way to help recover from the aches and pains that come from doing the activities you enjoy. Sore muscles, stiff joints, achy backs and lost energy can all be relieved and revived through a couple of minutes of inversion because of the stretching, decompression and improved circulation experienced on a Teeter. Avid runners say that inverting after a run improves their recovery time, allowing them to bounce back from the pounding their body takes from high-impact training.

  • Get Your Mojo Back

No, not that kind of Mojo… we mean the Mojo that comes from getting back to doing the things you love! Thousands of customers have shared with us how using a Teeter Inversion Table helped restore their health to the point they could now do something they loved but were unable to do before. Hiking, photography, playing with grandchildren, golfing, shopping, traveling, swimming, sailing, running marathons – you name it! Get back to doing the things you love and you’ll find that you are happier about where you are in life.

There’s a benefit of inversion for practically everyone, not just those that suffer from back pain, sciatica or joint discomfort. Contact a local dealer to try a Teeter for yourself, or try our 30 day trial and find out if benefits of inversion are right for you.