It’s March 20 – Spring has finally sprung! Trees are beginning to blossom, the sun is peaking out from behind the clouds a bit more often and the days are getting warmer.

With new life all around and Spring in the air, it is the perfect time to adopt some new (or refreshed), healthy habits. Here are 5 easy ones to adopt this spring:

1. Add Lemon to Your Water

Putting a squeeze of lemon into your water may have many health benefits. From clearer skin, to weight loss and boosted immune function – there are so many reasons to enjoy your 8 daily glasses with a bit of citrus. For more tips, read here.

2. Unplug One Day a Week

From smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, video games and the myriad of technological devices that keep us connected – people are removing themselves more and more from the here and now. Taking one day a week to shut off all electronic devices and focus on life and people in front of us can be restorative, nurturing and improve our relationships with our loved ones. Want to learn more about how taking a break from technology can benefit you, your health and the world? Read this article.

3. Ditch the Diet Drinks

Humans have only been ingesting chemicals for about a generation. We don’t know what they do to our bodies, how they affect our DNA or our hormones and how it may or may not affect how long we live. Knowing all of this – why do we still choose to put them in our bodies? The more we learn about diet drinks, the less good news there is. The chemicals are addictive, and they change the way our brains work. Try kicking the diet soda habit, and replacing it with healthier alternatives. Read more about why to kick the habit here.

4. Get Rid of Your Junk

Possessions can drag us down and create mental stress where stress doesn’t need to be. Clutter wastes time because we have to dig through it to find things, and it creates anxiety if it encroaches on your day-to-day life (messy desks, cluttered drawers, mountains of laundry, etc.). Figure out what you can sell, donate or toss a bit at a time to free your life of unnecessary things. Try to find two things to get rid of every time you bring one new possession into your house. For more tips, read here.

5. Get Your Vitamin D

Regular doses of sunlight are good for you. Too much can cause harm, but regular doses help with immune function, weight loss and calcium absorption. Learn more about daily doses and how to incorporate sessions of sunlight into your lifestyle.