Today, we honor our dads and the contributions they make to our lives. When you think about the gifts we give them – golf balls for a round of 18 holes, neckties to look sharp at work, fancy power tools to hang in the garage or other toys to fuel their hobbies – we may often overlook an important reality that many of these gifts may actually be contributing to Dad’s back pain.

1. Golf
Golf is a one-sided activity that can easily throw the spine out of alignment and cause back pain. Twisting, bending and repeatedly swinging can be a relaxing way to spend a Sunday, but Dad’s body may pay for it later. Studies have shown that golfers who use a Teeter Hang Ups can increase their drive distance by 10% and reduce back pain!

2. Chores
Taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters – many of the heavy lifting chores often fall to Dad. Carrying heavy loads, bending, crouching and kneeling all contribute to a sore back, especially if Dad is prone to pain already. Make sure he gets lots of rest after strenuous activities and if he’s the strong-but-silent type, he may be in more pain than he lets on. There is no shame in taking a few minutes to invert, ice a sore back or even lie down for a few minutes to help prevent even greater injuries down the road. 

3. Arm Chair Quarterback-ing
If your guy loves sports, it’s likely that he spends a lot of time in front of the TV. Sometimes sitting in couches and chairs that provide too much cushioning can actually hurt his back more than help it, since the cushions do not provide a lot of support and encourage poor posture. Lying down may even better than sitting and even better… encourage him to take frequent breaks and walk around. 

4. All Work and No Play
Putting in long hours at the office is bad for your dad in more ways than one – the stress can cause muscle tightness which contributes to minor misalignments being held in place.  Encourage Dad to get up and move around, take notice of his posture and seek out a massage or frequent inversion sessions to help stretch, loosen muscles and prevent back pain.

5. Being a Macho Man
Lifting weights, running, biking and staying active all help keep Pops in shape. All of these pastimes are great for building cardiovascular and muscular strength, but they are all highly compressive and can take a toll on the back and joints if not addressed, decreasing the moisture and cushioning in the joints and discs. While your discs naturally rehydrate when you lie down at night, they can’t completely recover, so that over a lifetime most people lose 1-2″ in height! Inversion helps to promote decompression, aiding in the rehydration of the discs to help keep your dad’s back and joints healthy.