That fourth cup of coffee isn’t the way to go when you start feeling tired. Try some of these natural methods to feel more awake, help you stay alert and feel great throughout the day.

Raise Your Chi

natural-ways-to-feel-more-alertYeah, you heard us, take a cue from Chinese medicine and bring your body’s energy to the surface. By lightly tapping on your face with the pads of your fingers, you are bringing blood to the surface of your face. You can (lightly) smack your shoulders, your arms, your legs or your torso with your palms to bring your energy to the surface of the body – this acts as a natural stimulant. If you’ve ever experienced Eastern massage or even what seems like an overly enthusiastic pedicure technician who delights in smacking your calves – you have already experienced this in some form. Give it a try!

Stimulate Your Heart

Squats may not look pretty but they are one of the best exercises for engaging most of your major muscle groups at once. If you are feeling low on energy, try a few sets of squats (10-15 reps). You’ll also stimulate blood flow, get your heart rate up a bit and feel more alert in no time.

Make Some Noise

This tip may not be best if you are sitting in your cubicle at work, but if you can head outside to your car or to an empty conference room – this trick can work wonders. Sound has long been known to carry vibrations, and these vibrations send signals to your body. If you can yell, sing, grunt or even chant “Ommmmm” for a few moments, these enthusiastic noises will raise the vibration of your body and let your body and mind know that you need it to be active and alert. By making noises, you are both releasing pent up energy in your body as well as engaging your diaphragm by taking deeper breaths – both of these help you to feel more active and alert.

Change Your Perspective

Inverting increases blood flow to your brain. Blood contains oxygen and oxygen helps you feel more alert. If you can invert for even a few minutes, you will be delivering a nourishing oxygen wash to your brain and helping you wake up first thing in the morning, or when you get home and are trying to find the motivation to finish up chores around the house or start dinner.

Can’t invert? Look for different ways to change your perspective. Our brains can become fatigued with routine tasks and we often go on auto-pilot without realizing it. Try doing a routine task in a new way. Answer e-mails while standing up, take a new route to work, stand on one foot while brushing your teeth. Doing routine activities in a new way will wake up your brain and force you to pay closer attention to your daily tasks.