Many people tell us they use inversion therapy as a restorative practice. Taking five or ten minutes for themselves on their Teeter Hang Ups can help relieve stress and make the transition from a hectic day into a peaceful evening. While using a Teeter Hang Ups can be relaxing no matter where you do it, here are some tips to make your space even more of an oasis:


    1. Chill Out
      Dr. Gonzalez, a chiropractor and proponent of inversion therapy, provides the following tip: If you are suffering from minor aches and pains that have stayed with you throughout the day, place a cold pack on the place where your body aches before you invert or during your inversion practice (no longer than 20 minutes). The cold helps reduce inflammation and allows your Teeter to work its magic.


    1. Tune Out
      A blaring TV, barking dogs or squabbling children may not be conducive to relaxation, so try slipping on headphones and listening to some relaxing music. Or go a step further and listen to a guided meditation as you invert, like Deepak Chopra’s The Soul of Healing Meditation. The first five or ten minutes can be completed while gently inverting.


    1. Stay in the Dark
      When you are inverting, dim or turn off the lights. Often an inverted position means that you are directly facing the lights on the ceiling and nearby lamps. Having bright lights shine in your face can make it hard to relax, so flip a few switches and invert in peace and darkness.


    1. Comfortable Clothes
      While we always suggest you wear lace up shoes when you are inverting, that doesn’t mean the rest of your wardrobe has to be stiff. When you are inverting, your clothes are likely to shift, so make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing but not anything too loose (as it may come up over your head!).Yoga pants or workout shorts are a great option and try tucking your shirt in before you invert, so you don’t have to worry about it creeping up around your neck when you are inverting.


  1. Move Gently
    Inversion doesn’t have to be a static activity where you simply hang there and let gravity do all the work (although you certainly can if you like!). Conversely, don’t feel like you have to train your body to do 10 inverted crunches or inverted squats. Often, gentle movement while inverted can really help your body decompress. Look at these tips for doing inverted stretches.