Anti-aging is an ever increasing interest of Americans. We all want to stay youthful for a lifetime. I know I have personally invested in tons of things with health (and perhaps a little vanity) as my motivation.

However, we often forget about what really helps us stay young, and that is ACTIVITY. This fact is constantly reinforced by watching my father, who at 73 is more active than I am! He water-skis, snow-skies, bikes for 15-miles and even takes up new sports, like surfing and kite-boarding.

Nothing makes you feel older than being forced to sit out from activities you love. However, we are not given a lot of solutions on how to care for the back and joints. Stretches focus on muscles but only inversion goes deeper and actually targets the joints and discs. Decompression allows joints to hydrate, offering lubrication and nutrition to the soft tissue, as well as strengthens ligaments, reduces nerve pressure, and realigns and relaxes muscles. Don’t wait until you have joint and back pain! Start a healthy inversion routine now and see the pay off as you age.