Roger Teeter with his wife Jenny on one of their many adventures together

I am enjoying a great cruise to the Baltic countries and Russia with family and friends. The down-side is that there is no inversion equipment on board. I am delighted to say that I’m 11 days into this trip and have no back problems, but on the other hand I feel much older. I have been to the gym 6 times on this trip and have worked out hard. Even with those workouts, I have managed to gain a couple of pounds – good food is part of the fun on a cruise, right? After all the working out and miles of touring, I have lost a noticeable amount of flexibility. I feel 80 instead of only 73! I still enjoy the workouts (especially when they are over), but there is no bounce to my step upon leaving the gym for lack of some way to decompress and help the joints to recover.

I have spent over 30 years promoting the benefits of inversion for back pain because, after wrecking my back 35 years ago and fighting back pain for 5 years, inversion gave me more relief than anything else I had tried. By inverting on a daily basis, I have been virtually pain free since 1981. Not until later did I gain an appreciation for the benefits of flexibility and workout recovery when I went on my first cruise and could not invert for over a week. I am stiffer, less flexible and it’s a struggle to straighten up to good posture after sitting for any period of time. I expect this is what others that are my age who don’t invert live with daily. Not being able to move freely certainly takes some fun out of life.

I really should not be surprised at the lost flexibility – inversion stretches and relaxes muscles and loads ligaments, helping them to be more supple and much less likely to be torn. Most everyone feels stiff in the morning, in large part due to lack of movement during the night. Inversion can give a jump start to your day by blowing away that stiffness. A few minutes of inversion after a workout helps the joints to recover and put the bounce back in your step. It also gives a gravity-assist to your lymph system, which is bogged down with all the dead cells and other waist products generated by a workout.

Tomorrow I am off the ship and headed for Spain to tape some shows for Teeter. There I will finally get to invert again, something I am really looking forward to.

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