PUYALLUP, Wash., Jan. 2, 2012 – The ThunderBell is a new fitness product by Teeter which replaces the need to have kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and medicine balls to achieve your fitness goals. Its Patent Pending 7-Grip Design allows you to consolidate your home gym in to a single, dynamic fitness tool. Paired with the ThunderBell Training Program, a motion-based training philosophy developed by Jeremy Levine who spent 10 years developing the Human Performance Program for the Navy SEALs, the ThunderBell is a total body solution to outdated workout methods that train isolated muscle groups over multiple days. The ThunderBell gets powerful results in a fraction of the time through synchronized muscle movement and continuous motion patterns.

The ThunderBell’s Patent Pending 7-Grip Design enables seamless transition from one movement to the next for an endless combination of multiple joint and muscle training movements that work every muscle group, challenging anyone at any fitness level through the ThunderBell multilevel training program. Equipped with your own personal trainer, Jeremy Levine will motivate you and instruct you on the fundamentals to be successful with the ThunderBell Training Program.

Debuting on TV January 2nd, 2012, the ThunderBell is available for sale throughThunderBellTV.com or by calling (800) 975-6826. With the purchase of the ThunderBell, customers also receive the Training & Level 1 DVD with bonus Core Program and Members Only access to download the ThunderBell Fitness Calendar and Healthy Eating Guide. The DVD contains the Introduction to ThunderBell, a segment with One-on-One instruction to learn proper form for 26 unique ThunderBell moves, the Foundation Workout to develop balance and follow fundamental patterns that are the foundation of the ThunderBell Training Program, the Level 1 Workout with a dynamic warm-up which leads into this 2-part workout series that whips you into shape, followed by a challenging Cool Down & Flexibility program. The DVD also includes a bonus ThunderBell Core for strong ripped abs.

About Teeter

What began in the garage of the Teeter family home when Roger Teeter began manufacturing inversion therapy products in 1981 under the Hang Ups brand is now the longest continuous supplier of inversion products in the world, the longest running fitness and wellness show on HSN, and has a decade-long presence with its commercials. Beginning with gravity boots and one inversion table model, Teeter has expanded the product line to over twenty-five inversion therapy and fitness products across home-use, commercial and clinical markets.

Kimberly Grotzke, Marketing Dir.
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