Travelling can take its toll on your health as well as your psyche. From crowded airports, to jetlag, to sleeping in a bed that isn’t your own – a quick flight can often leave us feeling more exhausted and run down than most other things in life.

If you are used to using a Teeter to quickly decompress after a hectic workday, you’ll probably be longing for a few minutes to invert and really work out all of those kinks in your body after a long day. When you travel, you don’t have to miss out on the great feeling of decompression. There are a few alternatives you can use to decompress while you are travelling.

Lower Back Pain

If low back pain is your nemesis, then check out the P3 Back Stretcher. This portable device allows you to work on decompressing your lower back right where you need it, and it’s small enough to fit into a suitcase.

If you are looking for a deeper and different type of stretch to really reduce pressure on your lumbar, check out the Spinal Stretch Back Stretcher. With this product, all you need is a door and a floor! Designed for those who need a portable decompression solution while at work or on the go, SpinalStretch is an effective way to decompress the lower spine and provide an easy and quick back pain solution anywhere.

Full Inversion On the Go

Inversion on the go with gravity boots











If you are looking for full inversion when you travel and you are in good physical shape, you may want to take along a pair of EZ-Up Gravity Boots.

Most hotels have gyms with adequate equipment that will allow you to hang from a bar with your Gravity Boots. Our lightweight, compact Gravity Boots are ideal for travel – use them at the gym on a sturdy chin-up bar (1.25″ diameter max). Not only can you fully invert but you can perform inverted sit-ups, and crunches for a challenging workout.