DON'T WAIT!We’ve heard it all before…

“So maybe it’s not what you wanted, but I ordered you something really cool from online – it just didn’t get here in time for Christmas. Sorry :( “

Order your Teeter gifts before 12/12/12 so they arrive in time to get them under (or maybe next to) the tree.

Don’t create Grinches this Christmas by giving terrible “place-holder” gifts while you wait for their Teeter Hang Ups to arrive. In honor of the procrastinators out there,here are the 5 Worst “place-holder” Gifts of 2012:

1.Fruit Cake – This re-gifted classic is a poor choice because it’s fans are so limited. If you must resort to baked goods, we suggest Russian Tea Cakes or Sugar Cookies.

2. Chia Pets – Even if it is of Honey Boo Boo or Willie Robertson ofDuck Dynasty, a Chia Pet is sure to bomb. Instead, how about the entire inaugural season on DVD? That is unless the receiver doesn’t appreciate American reality television greatness…

3. iPod Dock/Toilet Paper Holder – No guitar riff is good enough that you can’t push pause when you, well… An iPod dock on its own is great, as is a toilet paper holder if it completes the bathroom fixture set, but when combined it may leave the gift recipient holding their nose.

4. Bacon Watch– This one is pretty controversial as bacon is everyone’s favorite, but just because something tastes good doesn’t qualify it (or something that looks like it) as a fashionable wrist accessory.

5. PetPetter – Do you really know someone who has a pet, but never wants to touch that pet again? If so, help them find a loving home for their pet rather than making the critter settle for artificial affection.

Our 12/12/12 deadline has nothing to do with a Mayan prediction, but instead relies on our trusty FedEx calendar to estimate delivery time. Yes, you may be able to order later and still receive your shipment in time for the big day – if you are a gambling guy or gal, make your guess understanding we are located outside of Seattle, WA. If you are in need of a Teeter gift idea, make sure to check out our Christmas Gift Sets.


Happy Holidays!