We have a lot of talented people that work here and we are proud to call them part of the Teeter family. On occasion, we introduce one of these employees to you! Meet Alisa.

Name: Alisa Holland

Where is your hometown? Seattle

What in your life are you most proud of? My beautiful, smart, loving girls.

What is your secret talent? I love to sew!

What did you eat for lunch today? Lamb chop and asparagus

Who inspires you and why? The girl I sit next to all day long. She’s amazingly talented! And cute.

Alisa sits next to Cheri, a friend and colleague in the marketing department.

What is your favorite holiday? All of them! I love to give presents.

What do you like doing when you aren’t at Teeter? Making stuff. Any kind of stuff… from designing and remodeling a new bathroom to designing and creating a simple, yet elegant dog collar.

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? Aruba!

How long have you worked for Teeter? 8 whole months

How would you describe your job to a 3rd grader? I use video and pictures to teach people how to properly hang upside down.

Alisa works in our marketing department. Among her many responsibilities, she communicates with customers who submit testimonials and helps create product support documents for our many products.

What is your favorite Teeter product? FitSpine RED. It’s sporty and cool.

This product will debut on QVC 2/28/12.

If you could be any part of a Teeter inversion table, what part would you be and why? Roller Hinge. It’s shiny and controls the entire table.