Debbie has never mentioned this hot tub or this view at work.

Debbie has worked in the customer service department at Teeter for over a decade. She is an integral part to the Teeter family of employees and we are happy to showcase her profile in the employee spotlight!

Name Debbie Stoumbaugh

Where is your hometown? Puyallup, WA

What is your secret talent? I am a great decorator. Learning from my friends at Calla Lily (a local shop in Puyallup, WA) .

What did you eat for lunch today? Roasted chicken.

Who inspires you and why? My mom. She has kept my dad in line for 60 years. She is always there for me.

What in your life are you most proud of? My two children Kyle and Mindy and my two grandchildren, Myah and Lilly.

What is your favorite Holiday? Valentine’s day.

What do you like doing when you aren’t at Teeter? I love to hang out with my family, go shopping and the occasional casino nights.

How long have you worked for Teeter? 12 years!

How would you describe your job to a 3rd grader? I take care of our customers and solve problems.

What is your favorite part about your job? Working with a great team. They are my
other family.

What is your favorite Teeter product? I love the Dex II. I feel more comfortable going forward to invert.

If you could be any part of a Teeter inversion table, what part would you be and why? The handles because they are there for support