Name: Keith Kranc

Position at Teeter: E-commerce account manager

Where is your hometown?: Enumclaw, Wa

What is your secret talent?: Flying aerobatic airplanes.

What did you eat for lunch today?: Subway chicken breast foot long sandwich

Who inspires you and why?: My mom, because she can handle an unbelievable amount of anything and she is the most unselfish person I know.

What in your life are you most proud of?: Having such a good boy (My son, Kyler).

What do you like doing when you aren’t at Teeter?: Hanging out with my 3 year old Kyler, golfing, exercising, skiing.

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?: Italy

How would you describe your job to a 3rd grader?: I help websites sell inversion tables that help people who have back pain.

What is your favorite part about your job?: Reading all the great testimonials on our dealers websites about our products.

What is your favorite Teeter product?: The Teeter EP-550

If you could be any part of a Teeter inversion table, what part would you be and why?: The bed because it’s cool.