Many people come to us post-surgery, realizing the undergoing more aggressive treatment for their back pain still has not helped the problem. As a result, we have many people asking us if it is safe to invert if they have fused vertebrae.

Fused_VertebraeWhile we have heard anecdotal stories of customers inverting under the care or advice of their doctor after they are fully healed from this type of procedure, there are are many types of fusion surgeries with a variety of levels of success.

Ultimately you and your medical adviser must discuss the possibility of inverting and decide if it is advisable for your particular situation. If your doctor is unfamiliar with inversion therapy, you can print out this document to use to talk about inversion with your doctor and direct them to relevant medical studies about inversion therapy.

If your doctor is curious about clinical inversion, and whether you should invert with fused vertebrae, you can direct them to the section of our website that discusses inversion tables for clinical use. It’s also a good idea to review these contraindications for inversion before considering inversion of any kind. As always, we stress that inversion should be a comfortable experience. If you experience any pain while inverting, you should slowly return upright and discontinue use.