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4 Steps For Safe Inversion

One thing you can rest assured of when you buy a Teeter inversion table is that you are buying the safest inversion table that has been engineered and built with the highest quality standards on the market.

In order to take full advantage of all the quality and safety benefits of owning a Teeter, there are a couple little things that you can do to assure your safety when using your inversion table.

#1 – Spreader Arm Is Locked

The spreader arm is the hinged arm that connects the front part of the a-frame to the back part of the a-frame, found on each side of the a-frame. Securely push down in the center of the spreader arm on each side to assure they are

#2 – Mainshaft Locking Pin

The mainshaft locking pin is what you use to adjust the height setting on your tables mainshaft. Simply pull the mainshaft locking pin out to adjust the height, and release it to lock in to place. You will not see any metal under the round head on the mainshaft locking pin when it is fully engaged and secure.

#3 – Mainshaft De-rattler Knob

Once the mainshaft locking pin is fully engaged, your table is safe to use, but for extra stability in the mainshaft, the de-rattler knob can be used to eliminate any minor movement int he mainshaft. Tighten until secure. (different height settings may result in the de-rattler knob tightening at varying points – pictures are for reference only)

Mainshaft De-rattler Knob – Unsecured

#4 – Ankle Locking System

See our post on the Teeter’s Locking Mechanism to get the right set of directions for your Teeter Hang Ups inversion table.