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How Can I Improve Ankle Comfort?

  • Make sure you wear socks with lace-up shoes – the material will provide added cushion and support for the ankles.


  • Fit the ankle clamps snug enough so you’re secure, but don’t clamp them super tight– this will restrict blood flow and cause discomfort.
  • Rotate the rear ankle clamps slightly downward before you secure your ankles. As you invert, they will rotate to cup the back of your heels.
  • Adjust the foot platform so that there is minimal space between the top of your foot and the platform. The less your body ‘shifts’ when you invert, the better.
  • Try oscillation and intermittent inversion first (rocking back and forth or short inversion sessions down then up). You ankles will get a brief rest at each rotation and you’ll experience the added benefit of the pumping action for your joints!
  • If you own a Teeter that can be converted for use with Gravity Boots, then you may want to consider this accessory. We always encourage users to try the above tips first before upgrading, but for those who require the additional support that Gravity Boots offers, they are a great option.

For more about ankle comfort, check out our June 10, 2011 post from our blog archives!