How to properly and safely exit full inversion on an inversion tableGetting “stuck” upside down is a common concern for many people who have never inverted before. Just like with any piece of equipment, it is vital that you learn about the components of your Teeter inversion table and how to properly use them before you begin.

Always remember that if properly adjusted, you are in control of the inversion table at all times. With that being said, being upside down can be disorienting the first few times, and what seemed to make perfect sense when you were right-side-up, can become a bit more confusing when your feet are above your head. So here are a few tips to make sure you feel in control of your inversion experience:

  1. Read the Directions
    Yes, this may seem so obvious it is hardly worth mentioning, but we are all guilty of deciding to figure things out ourselves and only resorting to the directions if we “get stuck.” You may be able to put together your new IKEA coffee table in five minutes flat, and you might have even assembled your daughter’s Barbie Dream Mansion without cracking the directions, but it’s imperative that you read the Assembly Instructions and Owner’s Manual carefully before you set foot on an inversion table.
  2. Watch the DVD (if available)
    Not only do our Instructional DVDs show you how to correctly assemble your Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, but they also take you through all the steps of inverting for the first time and even show you some advanced moves! Most importantly, the DVD will provide clear visual instructions on how to set your balance settings correctly and teach you how to return easily from the fully inverted position.
  3. Phone a Friend
    The first time you invert, make sure you have someone in the room with you. It may take a few tries to find your ideal settings, so it’s always a good idea to have a spotter until you are familiar with how control the bed rotation with simple arm movements and return upright when you’re done.
  4. Use Your Tether Strap
    All Teeter Inversion Tables come with a tether strap that allows you to pre-set your desired angle of rotation. Many of the benefits of inversion can be realized at 60 degrees of inversion, and you start realizing some of the benefits with as little as 20 degrees (just beyond horizontal). Start at a mild angle and work up to more advanced angles at your own pace, as your body feels comfortable. It is very easy to come out of inversion while using the tether strap – simple arm movements allow you to rotate upright. If arm movements aren’t enough for you to rotate up completely (because your body may have elongated while inverted), simply bend your knees to help redistribute your weight to the lower half of the table – don’t lift your head or try to sit up!
  5. Returning From the “Lock Out” Position
    Teeter inversion tables “lock out” at full inversion so that you can perform inverted exercises and stretches without the table moving while you are exercising. The Owner’s Manual and DVD show you how to easily come out of full inversion and return upright by placing one hand behind the table bed, one hand on the frame in front of you, and bringing your arms together to disengage the bed. The first time you try this, it is a good idea to have someone with you in the room until you become accustomed to the motion.
  6. Accessorize
    While all Teeter tables are built so that you can easily return from full inversion on your own, we do also offer some accessories to make the transition a bit easier. Large Over-EZ handles help you return upright by serving as a guide to help gently pull yourself upright. Additionally, the traction handles accessory provide a simple “push-button” control to disengage from the full, locked position.

Do you have any tips on inversion that you think would benefit the rest of our community? Feel free to share them here!