Get Rid of Back Pain with InversionWhen you are suffering from a bout of acute back pain, it may feel like the discomfort will never end. In the moment, we make promises to ourselves that we’ll start exercising, lose weight or whatever it takes to never have to experience the pain again. Many of our customers have found tremendous relief from back pain using a program of inversion with a Teeter Hang Ups, but ask what they should do when they no longer have back pain to help them resist future incidents?


Establish a Routine

At Teeter, we often compare the routine of inversion to brushing your teeth. You don’t just brush your teeth when you feel like they are dirty and need a good scrubbing – you brush them morning and night to prevent cavities and gum disease. You practice good dental hygiene so you don’t have to pay the price later on, and we think of inversion in much the same way.

Inversion for a few minutes a day can help keep your discs healthy and your skeleton in alignment so you decrease your potential for future injuries and discomfort. Ideally, you will invert every day to keep pain at bay… and not just when you feel like you need it. Morning inversion will help you stretch, get your blood circulating and feel energized, while evening inversion will help you decompress and relax. Take 3 minutes on your Teeter morning and night to start your day off with enthusiasm and end it with some quiet relaxation.

Increase Flexibility

Inversion is not only a great tool for decompression, but using a Teeter Hang Ups can help you improve your flexibility. By staying flexible, you ensure your joints remain lubricated and you can prevent stiffness throughout your body. When you feel flexible, you are more active and less prone to injury.

Perform regular stretching exercises on your Teeter to stay flexible and decrease overall soreness after workouts.

Build Strength

Many injuries are a result of weak muscles that are not able to support your body properly, and a root cause of back injuries in particular is weak core strength (back & abdominal). By using a Teeter Hang Ups to perform key strengthening exercises, you are building up a foundation for your body to help protect yourself from future injuries and doing so without placing harmful loads on your back. When these same exercises are performed on a mat or the floor, you put an uncomfortable load on your spine that could possibly lead to injury.

You may initially be drawn to use your Teeter Hang Ups for relief of nagging back pain, but as you recover, the Teeter can be your greatest ally in keeping your joints and spine healthy, keeping your core strong and your body more flexible… helping to avoid future joint and back pain.