Unique to the ComforTrak-Seriesgripandstretch

At Teeter, we are always looking for ways to improve your inversion experience. Some of our features are dramatic and some are subtle… but all of them are built with your inversion experience in mind!

Teeter’s Grip-and-Stretch Handles offer unique gripping points built into the ComforTrak bed and A-frame that allow additional decompression and stretching, as well as offering hand holds for release from full inversion.

Stretching: The hand holds in the bed frame help you get a firm grip as you stretch and rotate on the bed to help you achieve greater flexibility and range of motion.

Decompression: While you are inverting to 60 degrees or greater (parallel with the rear leg of the A-frame), you can use the Grip-and-Stretch Handles on the Teeter to help you further decompress and increase your stretch.

Release: If you are one of our users who appreciate full inversion, then you can use the handles to help you pull yourself out of full inversion more easily.