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Clean Food

There are a lot of diets and resources out there about eating “clean” food and the definitions will vary too, but for the sake of our conversation we’re defining “clean” as more natural ingredients and less artificial ingredients. Two easy and general rules of thumb I’ve heard often are:

  1. “If you can’t say it, don’t eat it,” and
  2. “If your Great-great Grandmother didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either.”

This doesn’t mean no chicken nuggets for the kids or no ice cream for dessert, it just means you take the time to cut up organic chicken breast from a local farm, dip it in organic egg and lightly bread it with homemade bread and bake it.

Okay – I hear you; this isn’t nearly as convenient and easy as the bag of frozen nuggets from your supermarket. Can you read every ingredient on the bag? Do you know where the chicken came from and what it was fed? Did your Great-great Grandpa ever run to the market to grab some of this for dinner when Great-great Grandma had a long day and didn’t have time to make dinner?

It’s not about making it inconvenient, it’s about making it better. Think of it this way; if spaghetti was your favorite meal which way would you prefer your sauce? Out of a jar, or made fresh from locally grown vegetables? I prefer the fresh option, and if I make extra I can it or stick it in a freezer bag for what is now a clean and convenient meal.


Part 3 of 3, Prepare or Fail coming 9/24


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