Through daily inverted exercises, Tommy got 2 things he was proud of: a 6 pack and a Teeter

Tommy shares two things he’s proud of: 6 pack abs achieved with daily inverted exercise… and his Teeter!

“Not bad for 50 years old, huh? The first picture is of me at 48, and the second is at 50. I got results through a proper diet, adjusting my lifestyle, lots of exercise and more exercise! That’s where the Teeter came into play.

“My abs routine is an everyday deal , so in an effort to find a way to maximize my abs time, I turned to the most effective route: invert every movement. Now, to do this I wanted the strongest and safest method available – BOOM, the Teeter. I watched the infomercial, went to the local sporting goods stores to compare and hands down the quality of the Teeter just shined out at me. I ordered mine through the TV, and BAM!

“My abs routine takes 7 to 8 minutes now, and the Teeter is so secure and stable that I’m able to crank them out at top speed without any concern for my safety. Now the other real cool thing is how much more flexible you become from the inverted state, how relaxing it is, and how much it has improved my golf swing. Great fitness tool. I tell everyone who asks ‘HOW’D YOU GET THOSE ABS?’ – get a Teeter!”