PUYALLUP, Wash., Nov. 23, 2011 – Though the holidays may be blamed for tired backs and sore muscles, these are not ailments that plague people only once or twice a year. According to studies conducted in the U.S., back pain is the No. 1 cause of missed workdays year-round.

This year, give the gift of back pain relief. A Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a holiday gift solution, but inverted decompression is a fun and easy way to stretch out, relax and relieve stress. A unique gift idea, inversion equipment is ideal for just about anyone in your family your shopping list is filled with family members and friends who would appreciate a gift that provides year-round health benefits like relief from back pain, neck pain,sciatica, spinal compression, achy joints and muscle spasms.

A gift for Dad: Golfers in the family will appreciate the benefits of inverting with a Teeter as demonstrated by a recent study published by GolfTest USA. After using a Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table for 30 days, participants increased their drive distance by 10% and reduced their scores by 3 strokes! Even if your dad isn’t a golfer, he’ll benefit from keeping his joints healthy and in proper alignment, which can keep him doing the activities he loves.

A gift for Mom:What mom wouldn’t love more me time to help relieve stress? One study on inversion therapy indicated a 35% decline in muscle tension within 10 seconds. With a Teeter Hang Ups, she can turn on some soothing music, invert and relax to decompress and recover from a long day.

A gift for Grandparents: More and more, people are working hard to take care of their bodies in their later years so they can maintain functional fitness, a state of flexibility and strength that allows them to remain active and engaged in life. Inverting with a Teeter is a no sweat workout for the joints, helping to keep them hydrated, flexible and pain free.

About Teeter

With over 2 million users, Teeter Hang Ups leads the inversion market as the definitive inversion products brand. Founded in 1981 by Roger and Jennifer Teeter, Teeter is the longest continuous manufacturer of inversion products in the world. Teeter Hang Ups are rated by Dynamark Engineering as the best inversion table for endurance, strength, function and ease of assembly, and only Teeter tables are quality-assurance tested to UL’s inversion table safety standard. Visit teeter-inversion.com.

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