GroundHog Day 2013

If you haven’t already heard, Punxsutawney Phil declared it an early spring for 2013! Last Friday, the little critter emerged from his winter hibernation and did not see his shadow.

After napping for several months, I imagine Phil will be in need of a good stretch to help right himself after no movement for many months. So now that spring is just around the corner, have you started thinking about how you want to come out of your own winter hibernation?

Looking Toward Spring
I have to say, I can sympathize with the little guy. In the depths of winter, I tend to hunker down too. I become less active, and the colder weather leads me to seek out more sedentary activities. When the days start to turn warmer and the sun begins to shine, I naturally feel in need of a good stretch. Instead of pulling my body inward to shield from the cold, I start feeling like I want to throw my arms above me and open myself back up – greeting the sun and preparing for spring.

Small Changes
Since it’s only the beginning of February, I’m inclined to start slowly. Usually five minutes on my Teeter is the perfect start for me. It gets the blood flowing, stretches out my whole body and makes me feel more alert for activities and prepares me to face the day. Usually if a walk or a trip to the gym feels too daunting upon first waking, those activities seem like a better idea after I’ve been inverting for a few minutes.

A Domino Effect of Change
For me, a few minutes of inversion sets off the first domino in a line of deciding to make better fitness choices. Since gravity is doing all the work for me, I can passively feel the good benefits of stretching and increased circulation – even if my mind is not on board just yet. Once I start feeling these great effects, it’s much easier for me to talk myself into walking around the lake near my house or jumping on the stationary bike.

Whether spring is just around the corner or a few months away, using inversion to coax me out of my own hibernation is a gentle way for me to begin building up my activity level in the New Year.