What is the connection between happiness and creativity? We recently listened to a talk given by Alexander Kjerulf, an expert on happiness. We highly suggest you take 15 minutes to watch this talk he recently gave about how to be more creative at work.

Some highlights from his talk: 

  • Do work that gives you results – when you can see that you are contributing and making a difference in the world, you are engaging in positive feedback that will likely inspire you to want to be more creative
  • Praise others for their good work – even if you aren’t the boss, you can still give others high-fives and encourage morale of others around you
  • Engage with others – make eye contact and have meaningful conversations with your co-workers. Social engagement makes you happier and therefore more creative
  • Count your blessings – each night make a list of three good things that happened to you at work today

There are many more great insights in his talk and his website http://positivesharing.com/ is a great resource to feeling happier at work.