There is a lot that can be said about a man who is 75 years of age, but when you ask the family and friends of Teeter Hang Ups founder, Roger Teeter, they have even more than “a lot” to share.

Roger kayaking

While many people know “of” Roger, those who know him personally will attest that he is a man of passion. “I cannot think of a time in my life that my Dad set out to accomplish something and didn’t eventually succeed” said Rylie Leier, Roger’s daughter and the CEO of Teeter. “There isn’t a better example I can think of for me, my children and the employees that are part of the Teeter family, than Dad’s determination to make everything he touches better.”

At age 75, Roger carries a hectic travel schedule, flying and sailing around the world teaching people about the benefits of inversion therapy. Even when traveling for pleasure, Roger’s wife and co-founder of Teeter, Jenny, says he’s always telling people about inversion. “We recently went on a trip and he scheduled a longer stop in Iceland just so he could go see our distributor there. He loves hearing from his customers – especially when he has the chance to hear from them in person.”


Roger attributes his active and adventurous lifestyle in part to his daily inversion. “I love to ski,” Roger explained to me when we sat together in the Teeter corporate offices last week. “In the last couple of years I’ve learned to surf and paddle board. When my grand kids want to learn how to ski I don’t shout instructions from the boat – I jump in the water with them and show them how to. I believe that it’s functional fitness that counts and inversion is the basis of my fitness routine that allows me to pursue my curiosities and find new passions in life.”

Roger had engineered and designed water skis and aircraft components before he started Teeter in his garage in 1981. Having worked with him personally the last several years on our home shopping television business, I’ve had the privilege to get to know him a little more maybe than other employees and I’ve been impressed and inspired by his loyalty, dedication and will to simply do the “right” thing. I’m not simply saying that because he’s my boss, but because Roger is a sincere man who deeply cares about people, and he helps in many more ways than taking away their back pain – he’s just too humble to let us tell you about everything else he does.

Happy Birthday Roger Teeter!