Teeter Hang Ups for Wellness

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably somewhat familiar with what Teeter inversion and have experienced what we call the 4 R’s:

  • Rehydrate discs
  • Reduce Nerve Pressure
  • Realign Your Spine
  • Relax Tense Muscles

Routine inversion can decrease your back pain and will improve your flexibility, but after the aches go away and you’re touching your toes again your Teeter Inversion Table can also help you build and increase core strength. Inversion and decompression in general are often overlooked components of keeping your joints healthy and maintaining a fit and pain-free lifestyle, while fitness is a key element to combating future back pain and reductions in flexibility. We at Teeter are on a constant mission to help the public learn more about how inversion works and how it can help you, and we also know that the benefits of inversion are more fully realized when they are paired with an effective workout regimen.

Ideally one’s routine focuses on maintaining cardiovascular health and promoting overall strength. This is why we decided to develop a complete body training program that would help meet these needs.

The ThunderBell Training Program for Fitness

Our ThunderBell Training Program is a 90-day fitness program built around the multi-functional ThunderBell product. This uniquely designed product combines the best features of a dumbbell, kettle bell, medicine ball and bar bell into one productWith its seven patent pending hand holds it is the only product available today thatcombines aerobic fitness, sequence training AND circuit training. The ThunderBell allows for quick and easy transitioning from one movement to the next, resulting in higher calorie burn, focused muscle building and recovery, as well as preventing muscle damage and burnout.

Why Use a Teeter Inversion Table and ThunderBell Together?

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is complete body fitness. This includes diet, exercise, strength and stretching.

With the Teeter Inversion Table you can:

  • Begin and end your days with gentle relaxation
  • Decompress from workouts and daily activities
  • Improve flexibility from joint lubrication and inverted stretching
  • Realign minor misalignment and prevent or recover from injury
  • Build strength with inverted squats, situps and crunches

With the ThunderBell Training Program you will:

  • Be provided with a nutritional program to help maximize weight loss and increase muscle building
  • Challenged by renown military trainer, Jeremy Levine, as you progress through the workout DVD’s.
  • Strength training builds muscles, challenges the core and encourages increased balance and flexibility.

You could potentially fill your home gym with products that only do one of the things on these lists, rather than what all these two products offer together. At Teeter, it’s important to us that all of our products are not only made to the highest quality specifications, but also that they provide you with the versatility, utility and room to check off more than one of your fitness goals.


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