To experience all of the benefits of inversion therapy, you do not actually need to be fully inverted to 90 degrees. However, nearly half of all users do fully invert, enjoying the added freedom and increased mobility for stretches and exercises at this angle. Being in full inversion is also where you find the fitness benefits your Teeter offers from inverted crunches, inverted sit-ups and inverted squats.

When you have completed your inversion session, make sure you exit full inversion correctly to ensure a comfortable and user-friendly experience:

  1. With one hand, reach behind your head and grasp the Table Bed and Bed Frame Extension. With the other hand, grasp the base of the A-Frame in front of you.
  2. Pull both hands together. This will rotate the Table Bed out of the “locked” position.
  3. Bring both arms back to your sides.
  4. Stop and rest for a few minutes as you near horizontal (0 degrees) to help prevent dizziness and allow your back to re-compress without discomfort before returning completely upright.

If you have EZ-Stretch Traction Handles, you can also unlock from full inversion simply by pushing on the end of the Traction Handles with the heels of your hands.

While inverted, your body may have elongated, and arms movements alone may not be enough to return you completely upright. Simply bend your knees to shift your weight toward the foot-end of the Table Bed. DO NOT sit-up by bending at the waist or by lifting your head as this places unnecessary strain on your neck and back. Keep the back of your head against the table bed until you return fully upright. As you teach yourself how to do this, work with a spotter until you feel confident. Remember, inversion is all about relaxation!