Last month we taught you how to shop for an inversion table at your local retailer. But perhaps your neighborhood doesn’t have a store carrying inversion tables, or you like to shop an compare online. The items discussed in our last post are still as relevant online as they are offline, but when you don’t have the benefit of trying out every table side-by-side, the process can be especially confusing. Options can blend into each other, and claims of quality are only that, claims. You can’t touch the A-frame to see that it is sturdy, or fiddle with the ankle enclosures to test the strength of the spring. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you are surfing the net in search of the perfect inversion table. Go forth and explore…but not before you read the rest of this blog, of course.

Choosing the right website
The first thing to do, regardless of the brand you want to purchase, is check out the website of the vendor. Do they provide a customer service number? Can you talk to an actual human if there is a problem with your order? If you feel uneasy, check to see if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau, or send them an email asking to talk with a customer service representative about your order. If you have a good first experience with them, you have a greater chance of having a good ordering experience.

Basic Components
Trying to compare features of inversion tables at your computer can be a daunting task. If you are just starting your search, all the features offered by different brands can be overwhelming. Before you start comparing handle types and back rests, start with the basics: the A-frame. This is the main component of the table that will be responsible for supporting not only the table bed, but your entire body as you hang upside down. Find out what it is made of, what the warranty is on the A-frame and if the table has undergone any testing for weight loads. The same is true for the main shaft (adjustable height beam). You wouldn’t ride a bike if the metal frame was flimsy, no matter how fancy the tires looked – the same rule should apply for the basic components of your future inversion table.

Needless to say, we at Teeter are sticklers for quality and product testing. If you want to know more about why we believe quality components are important, read here.

Overlooked Features
These days, you can find inversion tables with every bell and whistle under the sun. Want a cup holder? A massage mat? These features all exist for your inversion table, but sometimes it’s easier to overlook the less exciting features that can make a big difference.

Does your potential table come mostly pre-assembled, or will you be faced with a thousand pieces to put together? Did you know that the average person can put the Teeter EP-Series inversion tables together in just 13 minutes, while some competitors products took up to 2 hours or more?

Does your table come with an Instructional DVD to show you how to assemble and use the table? While inversion is not difficult, you do have to get the hang of it (no pun intended) before it feels natural. Can you preview samples of the owner’s manual online? Sometimes this will give you a better idea of the unique features and use information for a particular model.

Don’t Listen to Us
Yes, you heard us. Of course we think that we make the best inversion tables around. We’ve spent 30 years tweaking, designing and testing all of our equipment, so our enthusiasm for our products is certainly biased. It’s likely that you’ll find many claims about product quality out there, from any number of manufacturers… but are those claims backed by independent review?

In engineering reviews comparing competing brands of inversion tables that help in low back pain treatment, Teeter Hang Ups was rated Number 1 across all categories of evaluation, outperforming in static load and functional endurance trials, ease of assembly (with the average unassembled parts), and performance for ease of rotation and lockout in full inversion.

In addition,look for the UL Mark, a symbol that provides you with peace of mind knowing that every product bearing this symbol has been tested and certified for safety and quality. Teeter Hang Ups offers the only inversion tables listed to UL 1647.

Common sense and a healthy curiosity can go a long way to making an informed decision, but don’t hesitate to pour over user reviews of the products you are considering. There are several websites out there that present unbiased reviews of products from users just like you, and at the end of the day, they may be your best ally in picking an inversion table online.

If you still have reservations about buying an inversion table online, check with the website about their return policy. Any good retailer should offer returns on new products within a reasonable time frame.

Want help picking out a Teeter Inversion Table? Check out our buyer’s guide.