Davey - Salem, OR

Davey – Salem, OR

Davey’s story is similar to many that we have heard before: back pain is keeping you from doing what you love and from returning to work. Davey’s story reminds us that sometimes when you are down and out and laid up because of back pain, inverting on a Teeter can literally be an answer to your prayers!

“I was told 5 years ago that I need a hip replacement. The pain was unbearable. Within 3 months of the diagnoses, I had a major reduction in pain, which is good, but over 4 years time, the muscles in my leg have changed. They became weak and reduced in size. I still played basketball up until recently when I injured my back playing the sport I love. I could hardly walk the next day. My back finally caught up to my hip. I had no sick time at work and was really scared not knowing how long I would be out of commission. I prayed and not long after, saw an infomercial on the Teeter Hang Ups! I NEVER buy things off of the TV, but this item really sparked my interest. I needed help. I did some research and read GREAT reviews on these inversion tables. People were thrilled about them. I finally decided I needed to get one, so I did. All I can say is…unreal!!! I needed help from family to set it up due to the pain I was in. My lower back had me iced up and resting on the bed and couch up until my Teeter Hang Ups finally was ready to go in my living room. I’ve seen inversion tables before, and the quality of them do not come close to the quality the Teeter Hang Ups!

“I was so excited to try it. I couldn’t stand up straight before I got on my Table. I set it up for my weight and height and got on. I tilted back and at about 20 degrees noticed no pain. I then went for the 60 degree incline. I felt the blood rush to my head and felt a good stretch in my lower back. I was there about 30 seconds. I went back up and leveled out for about 20 seconds. I then got off the table. I WAS STANDING up STRAIGHT!!! I couldn’t believe it. I walked into the kitchen almost pain free! I was so happy! My prayers were answered. I wasn’t healed, as I started to feel the twinge in my back within an hour, but…my pain was a lot better. I got on the table for 10-12 min 2 more times before going to bed. I am now writing this review from my bed and I will say, I have NO pain at this time. I can get out of bed so much easier as well. I’m so excited. I shared this with my family and now they ALL want to try it. From my kids to my in-laws! I want to thank you, and my wife thanks you for saving me Chiropractor fees and for getting me back to work soon. My hip muscles even feel better…My prayers were answered! The Teeter Hang Ups really works! I will use this every day as therapy in preventing further injury. This product is money well spent!!!”