Athlete, Bert Morrow, Passes Away

Bert Morrow

Teeter announces with sadness that our great friend and long-time supporter of inversion, Albert “Bert” Morrow passed away last week. He was 97 years old.

Bert’s story has inspired thousands of people throughout the world. His love for life, or “Joie de Vivre” as he would always say, was apparent in everything he did.

While not particularly active during his early adult life, Bert began racing track and jumping hurdles in his mid-sixties. After adopting a training regimen that included daily inversion, he went on to win countless medals for his age category in senior track & field events. He credited inversion for helping him overcome the back problems he experienced in his 40s. Bert inverted for many, many years as a way to improve and maintain his flexibility and strength, and even performed 40 inverted sit-ups every day!  He often said flexibility was the key to his longevity.

Our company founder, Roger Teeter, became inspired by Bert’s story and they quickly became friends and formed a partnership promoting the benefits of inversion to anyone who would listen. ┬áTeeter Hang Ups even sponsored Bert at the Senior Olympic Games in Australia in the 85 + division.

The team at Teeter remained in contact with Bert over the years, closely following his track & field adventures and appearances on shows like Rosie ODonnell. Bert’s energetic testimonial was a staple that Roger Teeter showed worldwide to help educate people about the benefits of inversion. Bert was always an avid supporter and would talk to anyone who would listen about his Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table.

Bert was an inspiration to everyone at Teeter. He will be greatly missed!!