Even in our youth, it is important to maintain a healthy back and promote good posture so that our bodies are trained properly for preventative measures. That is why at Grundy Center, an Elementary School in Iowa, they take fitness and health seriously — and that includes inverted posture training using Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots!

Grundy Center kids learn how to use Teeter Hang Ups gravity boots by performing an exercise called “3-point brachiation.” This exercise involves hanging by the boots and holding onto a bar with one hand while releasing the other arm and stretching it down toward the floor, rotating between arms.

Another great device that smaller frames can use is the P3 Back Stretcher, a non-inversion decompression aid that allows the user to control the extent of the stretch. Stretching with the P3 applies reverse-loading to the support structure that encases each joint to help increase ligament strength, improve flexibility and increase shock absorption.

Iowa Elementary Schools promote the ideals that posture and dynamic balance are the core of human movement, and that motor skills are critical for brain development and academic success. After sitting in class for extended hours, having the chance to properly stretch and promote proper posture is a great way to help kids maintain focus and learn tools to develop a healthy lifestyle.