We’re all hoping to live longer, but if we aren’t living better, too, what is the point?  If we don’t have quality of life, if we can’t enjoy our later years, it seems a little futile to just keep trying to live longer.   Thankfully there are so many great ways to improve our quality of life, and researchers are finding out more and more every day about how to stay young, even at a very old age!

3515996431_f60f080cd0_zBrain health plays a tremendous role when it comes to living longer and better.  Research over the last twenty years has led some scientists and doctors to believe that exercising our brain is as important as exercising the rest of our body!  According to many of these scientists and doctors, you have to build up and regularly exercise the neurons and pathways in your brain the same way you build up and exercise any other muscle in your body.

“Neurobics” – or stressing your brain in similar ways to the way you stress your body during aerobic exercise – can produce similar benefits for your brain.  By exercising your brain, you can keep your brain stronger, more fit and more flexible as you age. However, according to some research, simple “brain games” aren’t enough.  Specifically, finding ways to do routine things in new and different ways, using one or more of your senses, or combining them in novel ways and engaging your attention in unusual, fun and surprising ways or activities are the ways to really give your brain the workout or exercise it needs.

Living longer and better is certainly possible! Just remember to exercise your brain along with all the other things you do to keep yourself healthy and fit!