Teeter Inversion Tables are UL Listed, top-rated in engineering comparison studies, and meet CE standards. Being the top brand in inversion when it comes to safety, quality, ease of use and market popularity isn’t an overnight thing – it takes a massive amount of time from dedicated people who have an eye for detail and a drive to help Teeter remain the best. Our QA team works to assure every Teeter inversion table meets the standards set by organizations like UL and also meets the standards that our 2 million+ customers worldwide have come to expect from Teeter Hang Ups. Let’s introduce you to the team (left to right):

Anthony has worked on our QA team the entire 7 years of his Teeter career. He plays a key role in product inspections to ensure products are in pristine condition before they leave our warehouses. Anthony’s experience with packaging and product shipping is vital in keeping them in good condition as they ship and arrive safely on our customers’ doorsteps.

Chris plays a key role in QA as co-owner and VP of the company, helping to develop products all the way from conception to manufacturing. His role also puts him at the factory on a regular basis to assure materials, assembly and packaging all meet the expectations of our customers and consumer protection groups. Working closely with UL, Chris has intimate knowledge of the stringent requirements for Teeter inversion tables to bear the UL Listed mark. Did you know that certain categories of products in your home are not even allowed to be sold if they do not meet UL specifications? With no such requirement for inversion tables, Teeter has voluntarily submitted its inversion tables to for review by UL and today, Teeter Hang Ups is the only brand with inversion tables that meet the UL 1647 standard.

Cheri brings an attention to detail that assures we are representing our certifications, listings and achievements to the guidelines issued by awarding organization. Her work can be seen on every box and on every Teeter inversion table where the approved labeling for UL and CE are placed. Cheri also helps to ensure consumer safety and ease-of-use for our products by verifying that all of our product labeling, support materials and instructions are correct and properly utilized.