Healthy Back Store

Corporate Headquarters: BELTSVILLE, MD
Phone: 888-469-2225

Customer Service Hours: Mon through Fri: 8AM to 10PM, Sat & Sun: 10AM to 8PM (EST)

Since opening the doors to his first Healthy Back Store in Rockville, Maryland in 1994, Founder and CEO Anthony Mazlish and his staff of comfort specialists have been focused on providing the best solutions for a healthier lifestyle through restorative comfort, exercise and ergonomics.

From office chairs to recliners, lumbar supports to inversion tables, the Healthy Back Store knows the science behind ergonomics to find the right solution for your needs. Karl Feldman, Director of Marketing at Healthy Back Store said, “We offer inversion therapy as an option to customers who have back and neck pain because they come back and tell us how effective it is at relieving their pain and keeping it from coming back. Teeter is a brand we choose to offer our customers who could benefit from using an inversion table because they are safe, comfortable, customizable, and will practically last them a lifetime.”