If you want to stay young, there is a lot of advice out there on what to eat, what supplements to take, what exercise to do.  Everywhere you look, someone’s got an idea, an opinion, an imperative.  Staying young is an art.  You have to get the right combination of all of the above, right?  While that is certainly true, and we encourage you to stay physically active and mindful of your diet and nutrition, we would also recommend keeping your mind healthy and young.  After all, your heart and body usually follows where your mind leads you!

Bert Morrow had more than a few secrets to feeling young

  1. Live and enjoy each day.  Make sure you do things every day that make you happy and feel good. If you haven’t already, learn to enjoy the little things in life.  Pay attention to the way the sun warms your skin in the morning, or the way the laughter of children playing in the park sounds like music or the way petting your dog or cat makes you feel relaxed and loved.  Look forward to reading a good book, watching a good movie or taking a walk in nature.  Appreciate all the things that bring even a little bit of joy into your day.
  2. Spend time with other people.  Meet with friends for lunch or coffee.  Plan a dinner party or a group outing. If you find yourself feeling lonely, go to the museum or the library or to other public places people go to have fun.  Strike up a conversation with someone, or just enjoy the energy of being surrounded by others who are happy and having a good time.
  3. There are some things in your life that you get to control, and others you can’t.  Your age is one of those things you have no control over.  Keep it in perspective.  Age is just a number, it doesn’t define who you are.  What does define who you are is your thoughts and your actions.  Decide right now that you will keep your thoughts positive and you will do things every day that will keep you feeling good and healthy and young, at heart, body AND mind.

Eat healthy food, move and stretch your body and always remember:  as long as you think young, keep your mind sharp, and keep a positive mindset about yourself and your age, you will be doing a whole lot to stay young, even as your body grows older.