Not too long ago, blogger and raw food advocate, Blythe Metz, asked us if she could review a Teeter Hang Ups inversion table, and we were only too happy to oblige! Yesterday she posted her initial review of the Teeter Hang Ups, and we were excited to see how she is approaching inversion from a holistic perspective.

You can check out her blog post here: Blythe on inversion.

Rumor has it that Blythe will be demonstrating the Teeter inversion table on one of her upcoming webisodes, and we’ll keep you updated as she posts more information. So far, she says her husband feels taller after inverting for 20 minutes a day, and she has made it her goal to invert for 20 breaths every day as the yogis do. So far she says she has seen “amazing results,” and she’s already said, “We are loving our Teeter Hang Ups!”

Check out her blog post to read about how Blythe discusses inversion for the benefits of the mind and the body.

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