Gene had battled with back pain for years and was plagued with re-injury until he found Teeter. If you have injured your back, whether last week or last decade, and you still battle with back pain and re-injury, consider following Gene’s advice:

Gene J.

“I injured my back about 6 or 7 years ago when the axle of a cart I was driving dropped into a hole. It took 6 months and many physical therapy sessions to get back to normal. In the following years, I would do something every so often to re-injure my back to varying degrees. When this would happen, I would tell my Betty that I needed to try one of those Teeters. Then my back would get better and I would forget all about it.

“Late this December, I injured it again. It did not get better and it kept getting worse. I was about to start therapy when I decided to try the Teeter; what the heck there was a money-back guaranty. The first week I felt nothing. The second week I thought I was feeling something but attributed it to the placebo effect. By the third week there was no denying the Teeter was working, and by week 4, I was at 90%! Amazing!!!

“I use it twice a day, morning and night and am improving every day. If only I had tried Teeter sooner. The pain and aggravation I could have saved. My advice to anyone considering a Teeter is don’t wait – relief could be closer than you think.”