You’ve been working hard all spring and were rewarded with a 3-day weekend to kick off the beginning of summer! If you are like us, dear reader, sometimes it feels like you never have to go back to work again! Inevitably, we must face the Tuesday-morning blahs and return to our day-to-day routine with the accompanying responsibilities, chores and deadlines.

What do you do if you are experiencing a post-holiday blues? Here are three tips to help you recover.

Start off on the right foot…er…diet

Between BBQs, camping trips or making the rounds of parties, holiday weekends can mean that we temporarily suspend healthy eating habits. We can wake up Tuesday morning feeling, tired, bloated and sluggish from too many processed foods, alcohol or sweets. Make sure you drink a lot of water the day you return to “normal” and begin to include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Resist the temptation to snack on the potato salad leftovers all week and focus on making food choices that support your body and can help you return to feeling great.

Plan ahead

Often we spend so much time focusing on an upcoming vacation or three-day weekend that when the event comes and goes, we can temporarily feel depressed. To ward off the slump, make sure to plan a fun activity in the coming week or two and mark it on your calendar. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – a trip to the farmer’s market, a preplanned drive into the country, or dinner with friends can give you a light at the end of the week and help give you a lift while looking forward to something enjoyable in the near future.

Pace yourself

Having a 4-day work week can make some of us feel frantic, trying to accomplish the same amount of work with only four days in which to complete it! Studies have shown that working to the point of exhaustion has diminishing returns. Work smarter, not harder. Take frequent breaks to refresh your eyes and your mind (even 90 seconds to take deep breaths and close your eyes can help) and find ways to automate your most mundane tasks to reduce stress and repetition.

If others around you are feeling hectic and stressed, take a moment to remind yourself that you are in control of your emotions and you do not need to let their stress bleed over onto you. You can work more efficiently if you stay focused on your work and not get caught up in any workplace drama created by tight deadlines.