Principal Puts Post-Run Stiffness in Detention

In addition to being a middle school principal, Josh is a husband, father and half-marathon enthusiast. Having to wear all these different hats doesn’t allow him to always train exactly how he would want to, but Josh feels inverting on his Teeter has helped him with both his pre and post-run routine.
By stretching on his Teeter inversion table before he runs, Josh feels he gets into his pace sooner and more comfortably than when he stretches via other methods. Following his training regimen, Josh jumps back onto his Teeter for a couple minutes of joint and spine decompression, stretching and relaxing – allowing him to recover from his run faster.


  1. Drcmgonzalez50

    I have been using Inversion for 20 years in my Chiropractic practice for my patients and for myself. I have tried many different inversion machines, chairs, tables etc. I can honestly say Teeter has the BEST Marketing, selection of tables/machines, quality and customer service. I tell my patients you can find inversion machines for less but you’re going to sacrifice quality if you do.

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