The History of Inversion Table Bed Designs

For over 30 years, Teeter Hang ups has prided itself in providing the quality that has no comparison. In this blog, you will b able to see how Teeter Inversion products have evolved and achieved excellence in engineering.


Nylon: Over the years we’ve designed a lot of surfaces for our inversion tables. We started out with a sleek, removable, adjustable nylon cover around steel tubing, a basic functional design that allowed your spine to easily decompress and stretch unencumbered. This was the industry standard for many years, and remains widely used among lower price point models.

Plastic: Our next upgrade featured our first plastic injection-molded design with flexible ribs like a high-end office chair, called FlexTechnology. This first-of-its-kind bed was movable so you could stretch laterally and from side-to-side. We are proud to say that we set the industry standard and the trend for this new type of inversion table.

Our Latest Innovation: Our newest line of inversion tables takes the plastic bed model one step further with the ComforTrak design. Just like the FlexTech beds, the pressure-reducing design that maximizes comfort and flexes with the user to enhance joint mobilization.

Additionally, the ComforTrak bed’s innovative track design accommodates the Adjustable Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge accessories, providing the restorative benefits of a massage therapist right into your home and giving you the option of greater lumbar relief. Grip-and-Stretch handles are also integrated into the bed.

Models that feature the ComforTrak bed include: EP-560 Ltd.EP-860EP-960, EP-970 and NXT-S.

Better Back Acupressure Nodes:nodes

Tension tends to accumulate around specific meridians along your back, and hides deep within your muscles. Using the Acupressure Nodes (optional accessory), you can pinpoint your muscle pain and relieve it as you invert. Muscle pain tends to “bind up” everything that surrounds it and makes it more difficult for your body to decompress. When your muscles are relaxed, you feel better and your decompression is accelerated.

Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes include:

  • Adjustable Positioning: Simply insert and twist to lock in place – the ComforTrak bed design allows you to adjust the placement of the nodes wherever you need them.
  • Versatile Application: Invert at a static incline to maintain steady pressure or oscillate (rock rhythmically up and down) to create body slide over the nodes for a shiatsu-style massage.
  • Variable Intensity: An assortment of node heights and densities allow you to customize the pressure for the ultimate in relaxation and relief:
    • Green – Short and soft.
    • Yellow – Tall and soft.
    • Orange – Short and hard.
    • Red – Tall and hard.

Better Back Lumbar Bridge:

A common ailment we hear about from our customers is lower back pain. The lumbar region of the back is one of the most common sources of back pain and we are always looking for improved ways to give our customers relief from their discomfort.

The Lumbar Bridge provides a point of support, focusing extra traction on the lower back. The overall benefit is deeper decompression and improved alignment benefits.

Better Back Lumbar Bridge includes:

  • Customizable Support: The Lumbar Bridge can be adjusted from a subtle, supportive curve to a more dramatic arch depending on your desired effect.
  • Adjustable Position: Shift up or down on the horizontal tracks in the bed to adapt to your desired position.
  • Durable Design: Flexible plastic injection molding enhances body slide for deeper decompression and resists wear and tear.
  • Enhance with Accessories: Vertical tracks on the Lumbar Bridge mimic the ComforTrakTM bed design to accommodate use with the Adjustable Acupressure Nodes (sold separately).