Teeter Hang Ups founder, Roger Teeter, often travels around the world to promote inversion. After many years, he’s developed his own tricks for staying healthy and maintaining his energy on the road and at home. Read more on how he does it:


“I travel a lot and many of the trips are international with 6 to 12 hour time changes. Since most all of my travel is related to inversion, there is usually a Teeter inversion table waiting for me, which is a huge plus!

To speed the adjustment to a new time zone, I go as soon as practical to the gym for a full workout. Sometimes this means I am doing this in the middle of the night based on my home time zone. It takes some willpower but after the first 5 minutes, my body accepts the challenge and the rest of the workout feels no different than if my internal clock was on mid-day.

After a good night’s sleep, I am virtually time-adjusted in one day. I have recently changed my eating habits which are more difficult to maintain on the road – you are never sure what you are getting in restaurants. I make a point of eating lots of fruit and vegetables and skip any of the sauces which are often filled with fats or sugars. I have always liked vegetables, so that part is easy, but adding lots of fruit is new.

My dad and both grandfathers died of heart attacks at or near my current age, so I recently did some serious research on having a healthy heart and found that the main culprits are fat and sugar. Sugar seems to be everywhere, tomato ketchup is full of it for example. I eat only small amounts of red meat, consuming mostly fish and occasionally chicken.

I have also greatly reduced my intake of all processed foods, especially meats and salt (I do use a limited amount of sea salt). One big surprise was losing 10+ lbs with no other changes. Since I was not trying to lose weight, I ate normal amounts… in fact, probably eating more than normal, certainly all I wanted.

The weight loss was a total shock. After talking to Jeremy Levine, who trained the Navy SEALs for 5 years and designed our ThunderBell program, he confirmed that that a super buffed body is more a matter of what we eat than heavy workouts. Cutting out all sugar and salt while maintaining a balanced workout program is the trick.

I am within a couple of pounds of my weight when I was drafted into the Army in 1961 and I have not felt this good in 20 years. Yes, I do the ThunderBell program as the core of my fitness program, augmenting it with snow and water skiing, running, cycling and occasionally perhaps once a week some heavier weights to round out arm, leg and back exercises.

I think you will be amazed at how the weight falls off with cutting out fat and sugar and getting adequate exercise.”