Steve B. – Cambridge ,MN

Steve is like any other Minnesota golfer – as soon as it’s above freezing the clubs are dusted off! See what Steve has to say about his Teeter experience.

“I purchased a Teeter Hang Ups in April of 2012. I live in Minnesota and the golf course opened up in April so even though it was only 40 degrees I went out for my first round of the year. After playing the front 9 I had to quit. I have had back problems for 10 years and the cold and golfing messed it up good. I thought I was going to have to quit playing when it was cold out.

I heard about inversion tables from my chiropractor at one of my visits and thought what could it hurt so I went to my local fitness store and purchased the Teeter Hang Ups. This was one of the best fitness investments I have ever made (and I have made many over my lifetime). I used it every day along with the exercises that came on the DVD and after 8 months I am pain free in my back, and not only can I play golf, but I walk 18 holes and carry my bag. I have not walked and carried my clubs in 5 years. I attribute my rejuvenated golf game 100% to using the Teeter inversion table. I also would like to add it is a very well made piece of equipment and I am 100% confident in it when I am fully inverted. Thank you.”


Watch the below to learn more about how Teeter can rejuvenate your golf game!