A recent article on the blog of a local newspaper in Walworth County, Wisconsin gave one man’s perspective on back pain and how inversion has helped him. Some of our favorite snippets were:

  • “The chiropractor told me an inversion table might help. This is one of those gadgets in which you strap in your feet, swing over upside down and hang like Batman. It’s designed to reverse the effects of gravity and offer relief similar to using a traction table.”

Stretching is good!

  • “I believe I first tried it on a Friday night, and it seemed to irritate my back more than it helped. I used it twice daily through the weekend, however, and by Monday my back was feeling better.”
  • “So was it the inversion table that ultimately spelled relief, the stretches or a combination of the two? I’d wager it’s the mix of both. If you have back problems, have you ever tried an inversion table? I’m sure glad I have mine set up in the basement. I have no plans to stop using it or resell it.”

The point the author makes which we feel is worth reminding ourselves of, is that stretching with inversion (or while inverted for that matter) is a great recipe for relieving back pain because relaxed and warm muscles allow our spine to naturally realign itself when needed. Make sure to check out the whole article by Greg Peck.

Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lululemonathletica/