We recently read about the experience of Herb Benham of The Bakersfield Californian after picking up a Teeter in hopes of helping with his stiff neck. We loved how Herb captured the experience of many of our customers seeking for relief, so we wanted to share:

“I’m in love. This love has turned me upside down. Inside out.

I bought an inversion table — a Teeter — from Klaus, a religious studies teacher who lives in Yorba Linda, for $180 (new, they’re about $300).

Inversion tables are like Jacuzzis, rowing machines, stationary bikes and treadmills. Somebody, somewhere, has one in their garage they used for a month, which is now taking up space and is solidly in their flight path every time they walk to the car.

bakersfield-californianI have a stiff neck. That’s not news. Almost everybody does.

Massage, chiropractic, a Medieval like traction unit that you hang over a door, Ibuprofen, other people praying for my neck — not much has changed but I’ve met nice people along the way. Isn’t that the purpose of all this flopping around?

Klaus assured me the Teeter was in immaculate condition, which it was. After leaning back on the table and locking in your feet, the table flips and your feet are where your head once was. The weightlessness is delicious. Addicting. I think I’m taller and I have improved my inseam.

My neck feels less like the Tin Man waiting for his next squirt of oil. I’m not sure if the Teeter table is the cure, but going from hunched over all day like an accountant with an eyeshade to being stretched out and upside down is welcomed.”

Thank you to Herb and The Bakersfield Californian for permission to repost.