The fact that talk radio hosts like to talk to Roger Teeter is no surprise. Think about it – they sit behind a desk and a microphone all day so they’re going to have bouts with back pain.

Such is true with Curt Blakeney, host of The Sports Hangover on The Fan AM 1060 in Phoenix and Editor at Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine (an article by Roger will be in Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine this coming September). His own bout with back pain led him to reach out to Teeter for his own inversion table and a chance to interview Roger on his radio show. 

“It’s a maintenance program,” explained Roger when asked how inversion can help the longevity of spinal health. “A lot of people spend a tremendous amount of money keeping up other parts of their body. Women in particularly with their skin and hair, but this is a maintenance program for your spine to keep it healthy and keep youthful flexibility for much longer.”

When Curt asked about athletes and how competitive sport can have a negative impact on their spine, Roger responded, “There are two categories of people who have back problems more often. People who use their bodies aggressively and physically (athletes), and people who are couch potatoes. If you want a formula for the majority of people for the cause of back pain it’s too much sitting, weak muscles and stress combined with sitting in poor posture.”