Safety First
At Teeter, we recognize that you are placing your health in our hands when you choose to invert with a Teeter Hang Ups. That’s why we not only work to continually upgrade our products to epitomize comfort, but also security while you invert. Since there are no government regulations to monitor the quality of inversion tables, Teeter long ago decided that we would voluntarily submit our inversion tables to the scrutiny of third parties and undergo the most rigorous testing on the market to help show our customers and our colleagues in the industry that we take safety seriously.

Underwriters Laboratories
Throughout North America, one of the foremost companies for testing products is Underwriters Laboratories (UL). For many years, Teeter submitted our products to be tested by UL under a generic “medical equipment” category since no specific category for inversion tables existed. After continued requests on our part, and the general rise in demand from the public for quality inversion tables, UL created requirements specifically for inversion tables under its UL 1647 standard for Exercise Equipment. You can read more about that here.

To display the UL mark on our tables is something we’ve worked hard to accomplish, and we encourage anyone who is looking to purchase an appliance or piece of equipment to first look to companies like UL for outside certification. Who is UL and what do they do? The website,, provides a great overview of the company and the ways which you can work to make your home more secure for you and your loved ones.

Learn More About UL
Great articles on this website include:

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  • Chronology of Safety

Common Sense Counts
While UL works tirelessly to test consumer goods and approve only the best-performing products, ultimately the greatest way to ensure safe experiences is to use common sense around the house. We always emphasize reading all enclosed materials with any product you purchase from Teeter, and watching any DVDs that may accompany the product. While many products we may purchase on a regular basis are familiar to us (almost all of us already know how to operate a microwave or start a lawn mower), an inversion table may likely be a novel experience to many users, and reviewing instructional material is paramount to using it effectively!