Seriously? 13 Minute Assembly?

We say that our EP-560 Inversion Table can be assembled in 13 minutes. One man was skeptical, so he put us to the test! See what happens.

Our friends Steve and his crew over at Better Health Innovations (BHI) do a great job of taking care of their customers! We made a claim and they set out to find if there was truth in it – Steve assembled the new EP-560 in under 13 minutes! Subscribe to BHI on YouTube to see all their cool comparison and review videos or visit their site to learn more about the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 inversion table.


    • teeterhangups

      Hi Hbsun,

      Can you clarify your question a bit more in case my answer below isn’t what you are looking for?

      The frames of our EP-550 and EP-560 inversion tables, as discussed in the video above, does have feet which enhance stability and help protect your floor. Also, our Better Back Inversion Program is a mat which acts as a great guide to how to use the inversion table while also providing additional protection for your flooring.

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